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Is There Chlorine in My Home’s Drinking Water?

Chlorine is an extremely effective disinfectant and is added to public water to eliminate disease causing bacteria and has been used for over 100 years.

Chlorine is one of the primary reasons that drinking water smells badly and has an unpleasant taste. High levels of chlorine in your water can leave you with bleach like tasting food, dry skin, rashes, and dull hair.

Signs of Over-Chlorinated Water:

  • Hazy or cloudy water
  • Discolored water, typically yellow or brown
  • The smell of chlorine
  • Stubborn rust stains on drains, tubs, and toilets
  • Dull hair
  • Soap residue

In areas with a strong chlorine presence in drinking water, residents often ask how to remove chlorine from water after it has been treated through the city and has traveled to our businesses and homes; the right filter will do the trick and will leave you with safe, pure and odorless water. Luckily for us all, chlorine is one of the easiest substances to remove from your homes’ water.

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The pH Value in Your Home’s Drinking Water

The indicator for acidity and alkalinity is known as the pH value. A pH value of 7 means a substance is neutral. The lower value indicates acidity, and a higher value is a sign of alkalinity.

High-pH water has a slippery feel, tastes a bit like baking soda, and may leave deposits on fixtures. Low-pH water, on the other hand, may have a bitter or metallic taste and may contribute to fixture corrosion.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

TDS is anything—other than pure H 2O—in water that you cannot see. This could include any salt, metal, or mineral, and the lower the TDS level is, the purer the water. TDS is measured on a quantity scale, either in mg/L or, more commonly, in parts per million (ppm).

An elevated total dissolved solids concentration does not mean that the water is a health hazard but can result in your water having a bitter or salty taste; result in incrustations, films, or precipitates and stains on fixtures; corrosion of fixtures; and reduced efficiency of water filter and equipment.

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The Importance of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Public water suppliers work hard to provide clean water for their customers. The problem is that there are many contaminants, especially those that cause taste and odor issues, which are simply not EPA regulated. These contaminants can easily penetrate aquifers, streams, and rivers, bringing impurities straight to your water lines.

RO filtration improves taste, odor, and appearance of water by removing contaminants that cause taste and odor problems. With an RO system, you can cancel your water delivery service and stop purchasing cases of bottled water. Reverse osmosis filtration provides better quality water for just pennies per gallon.

Bottled Water Versus RO Drinking Water from Kinetico

There are many reasons why we are in favor of RO water over bottles water. Below you will find the differences as well as the positives and negatives of bottled water vs. Ro Water. We are Water Treatment Professionals and are most certainly in favor of RO Water for your family and home.

RO Water is Safer:

Bottled water companies are not required to share annual reports on quality, so you can never be sure of exactly what is in your bottled water.

With an RO system, you can be certain that every drink of water you have will be clean, safe, fresh, and will taste great. An RO system will remove and trap any impurities in your drinking water, leaving you with only the best water every time.

RO Water is Easier:

It is quite easy to grab a bottle of water on your way out the door, and you can pick up a bottle almost anywhere, making bottled water extremely convenient and easy to find.

With that, RO water is as easy as turning on your homes’ kitchen faucet. You can have safe and fresh water for drinking as well as cooking by simply turning on your faucet. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

RO Water is More Affordable:

If you and your family all drink the recommended amounts of water, the cost of buying bottled water can add up very quickly, costing up to hundreds of dollars a month.

An RO Water Filtration System does have an upfront cost, but in the long run it will save you tons of money. An RO System can produce safe, great tasting water for only a few cents per gallon, and if you invest in a Kinetico System, it can last you up to twenty years.

RO Water Protects the Planet:

The two main environmental issues with bottled water, are waste (80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills) and the uncertainty over the long-term health effects created by drinking from plastic.

An RO system is a far more environmentally friendly option. With an RO system, you and your family can continuously refill your reusable water bottle with great tasting safe water. There is no need for numerous plastic bottled per day, you will just have to turn on your faucet!

Kinetico Reverse Osmosis System:

A Kinetico RO system will pay for itself in record time. Just think of the cost per glass and how much money Kinetico Drinking you will save eliminating bottled water as well as trips to the store to lug home heavy cases of water. RO Systems require very little maintenance as well making it an easy and affordable solution for great water.

An RO system can be installed in your basement or directly under your sink and can also be connected to your ice maker.

The improvement and the safety of your drinking water is often reason enough to install an RO Drinking Water System, but the convenience and great water will add such value to your home.

When you install a Kinetico RO System in your home, your family can enjoy an endless supply of clean and great tasting water.

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