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Is a Whole Home Surge Protector Worth It?

Is a Whole Home Surge Protector Worth It?

When assessing your home for upgrades, electrical system elements often get overlooked. For example, you can see the immediate benefits of a new or newly repaired furnace: you’re home will be warm and you’ll reduce your energy waste. But electrical benefits can be less obvious in real-time.

It’s for this reason that many homeowners overlook the importance of a whole-home surge protector. You may be familiar with surge protector power strips or outlets, but a whole-home surge protector ensures your entire home is safe. Here’s why it can be a crucial asset for your home.

Peace of Mind

A surge protector helps safeguard your home against electrical surges. A surge may pass through your system due to a fault in the electrical grid or even a nearby lightning strike.

Surges are mostly unpredictable, and having this piece of technology will help reduce the impact of surges on your home. This protects your valuable appliances, your circuit breaker, and your safety.

With a whole-home protector, you won’t need to worry about potentially damaging electrical surges. This is essentially preemptive insurance for your valuable items and your home in general.

Increased Protection

Outlet or plug-in surge protectors are a good tool, but unreliable. They expire after a few years and can become expensive when outfitting your entire home. A whole-home unit is attached to your electrical panel and will stop surges before they even reach your outlet.

This is crucial because a surge can impact your entire system, not just one outlet. These devices are definitely beneficial on top of a whole-home unit but are not as protective on their own.

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