A toilet in a bathroom with toilet paper on the wall and a plunger sticking out of the bowl

How to Unclog a Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet

Toilet clogs are never fun. We’re all familiar with that sudden halt in the sound of a toilet flushing, meaning it’s time to break out the plunger and be tied up for a few minutes longer than you intended.

It’s no one’s fault - it happens to all of us. Sometimes how to clear a tough toilet clog isn’t exactly clear, so we’ve put some tips together on different methods of clearing a clog.

Using a Plunger

You should always reach for the plunger first when trying to clear a clog, as this is the simplest and typically most effective method. There is an important caveat, however: using the right plunger.

You’re probably familiar with the typical plunger with a wooden stick and maroon-colored rubber gasket at the end. This actually is not the ideal type of plunger for a toilet and is really mediocre at best. Your time is better spent using a plunger with an extended flange, a circular piece that extrudes from the bottom. This piece enters the drain and helps the plunger create a seal, which is essential for effective plunging.

Place the plunger over the entire drain spout in the toilet. Gently work up to a vigorous plunge, ensuring the air has left the flange piece. Continue plunging until you hear that the clog is dissolved and the toilet flushes.

Using a Snake or Auger

Another option for removing a blockage in your toilet is to use a drain snake or auger. This device uses a metal wire to break up clogs.

To use the snake, insert the end into the drain and begin extending the wire until it reaches the blockage. When you get stopped, move the snake to try and get the debris to attach to the end. Once you feel you’ve gotten some, pull the snake out of the drain using the crank. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times to get the clog to disperse.

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