A Guaranteed Service technician is preparing a customer’s air conditioning unit for the summer heat.

HVAC Tip: Prevent Condensation In Your AC Ducts!

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When you are in between Guaranteed Service tune-up appointments for your air conditioning system, it is important to take your unit’s care into your own hands. Summer is when you will most likely have your air conditioner running the most, and the warm air can lead to an overproduction of condensation which can cause complications. While there is a condensation drain system, you might experience leaks. This could happen if there is too much condensation in the drip tray, if the evaporator coil thaws, or if you have a blocked condensate tube. Even if you are not a HVAC professional, don’t worry! Our licensed HVAC contractors have the solution!

To effectively prevent condensation throughout the summer months, you will want to wrap your ductwork! This duct wrap has an inner layer insulated with foam and an outer layer covered in foil. Just cover the area around your air conditioning duct and secure it to the outer joints with duct tape. If you happen to have metal ducts, you will need to wrap them with fiberglass insulation. To further reduce humidity and the chance of condensation, you can purchase a dehumidifier, address leaky ducts right away, ensure air filters are clean, and remove blockages from ducts. For extra assurance, feel free to call our HVAC repair to get help and advice on how you can be fully prepared for all that the summer will bring!

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