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DIY Electrical Repairs: How Safe Are They?

Electrical Repairs to Save For the Professionals

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A lot of the time, we can accomplish great things, but that doesn’t mean you should Google search or YouTube how to become an electrician overnight. It takes a lot of experience and supervision to become a master of the craft. Avoid causing electrical damages that are far beyond repair by trusting our experts at Guaranteed Service who have years of training in the field. Here are some repairs that our electrical experts highly recommend you stay away from.

Upgrading Your Wiring

Old wiring may be an indicator of the need for change, but it’s certainly not something you should “DIY”. Electrical components in an old home may not be compatible with modern day appliances. Not changing the wiring can cause the insulation to wear away due to overheating, but taking matters into your own hands will only increase the risk of further damaging the electrical units which can ultimately lead to a fire. Having your wiring properly installed keeps you and your home safe from a fire or a failed inspection unit.

Electrical Panel Work

The addition of new technology tends to occupy more outlet space. Since most appliances require electricity to power or charge itself, an electrical panel upgrade may be required to prevent overloading or the destruction of your wiring. It may look like an easy fix, but it’s extremely difficult to determine what exactly needs to be done and how to safely do it without years of experience. You can count on our electricians at Guaranteed Service to determine the route of the problem and how to safely fix it.

Circuit Installation and Updates

Your circuits may need to be updated if your breakers trip or cut power regularly. This is an indication that your circuits lack sufficient electrical capacity. This is not only inconvenient; it is also a hazard and could result in injury.

Don’t make the mistake of DIY-ing any electrical repair because it can quickly lead to irreparable damages. Not to mention, manufacturers can also tell when their appliances were tampered with incorrectly, so trying to fix something yourself could cause any warranty you may have to be voided. If you want to learn more, have questions or concerns, or have any electrical needs, call Guaranteed Service at (732) 412-1134.

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