An experienced Guaranteed Service electrician servicing a circuit breaker panel

Why You Should Label Your Electrical Panel

Save Yourself the Stress of Not Knowing What’s Gone Wrong

It may not be something that you’ve thought to do before, but labeling your electrical panel can save you from a whole lot of stress in a situation that comes up when you least expect it. The circuit board powers your whole house, so labeling what each switch corresponds to will allow you to easily locate a specific breaker if you ever need to.

The main reason you should keep your circuit board labeled is because it can help to keep you safe - In an emergent situation, every second counts. If you need to quickly shut the circuit to an appliance off for any given reason, you should know exactly how to do so. Also, labeling the electrical panel will make it much easier for you to detect exactly what might have happened if something in your home turned off or stopped working out of the blue. It also may be a saving grace for an electrician if they need to quickly cut of a power source when doing work or conducting repairs at your home. This means that your electrical repair will take a lot less time and go much smoother!

Labeling your electrical panel will just take a little bit of time and focus, but it in the future it could save you time, stress, and potentially even your life.

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