A highly experienced Guaranteed Service technician performing an annual tune-up on a customer’s air conditioning system.

Is Your HVAC Unit Due for a Service?

It’s Time For a Tune-Up!

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We all enjoy being cozy at home; De-stressing and relaxing are pivotal in escaping this chaotic and fast-paced world, however, it’s hard to be comfortable in a home that doesn’t meet your temperature preferences. In order to ensure complete comfort and avoid any troubles or breakdowns down the line, Guaranteed Service recommends you get your HVAC system serviced at least once a year.

Why once a year?

Your home is an extension of yourself. Like humans, houses (and more specifically, HVAC systems) need a routine checkup to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Having one of our licensed technicians regularly service your AC unit will drastically decrease the likeliness that your unit breaks down throughout the season, and will guarantee that your ambiance is always perfect. Once a Guaranteed Service technician runs a test on each part of your HVAC unit, they will provide you with a report stating their findings and will notify you if there are any issues that require attention or possible repair. The tune-up also improves the air quality in your home by removing unwanted dust and contaminants.

Allow our knowledgeable professionals at Guaranteed Service to assess your system and ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency. Call us today at (732) 412-1134 for your annual maintenance before the summer heat becomes even hotter.


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