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How to Save on Your Electricity Bill Throughout the Summer

How to Keep Your Home Cool, Your Pockets Full, and Your Mind at Ease

Comfort Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune!

Summer is in full swing and most of us are so happy to be relaxing and making unforgettable memories with our loved ones. Unfortunately for many people, it’s hard to fully enjoy themselves through these hot months with the instantaneous knot in their stomach every time they pass by the thermostat. The thought of how high the electricity bill is going to be at the end of the month can certainly be a downer when trying to cool off after a long hot day in the sun, but luckily, we have a few tips that will help to keep your home cool, your pockets full, and your mind at ease!

Check Your System

Your system may seem to be running perfectly fine, but many AC systems have internal problems that the average homeowner would never notice. If you haven’t had your AC unit serviced yet this season, it’s not too late and it will certainly benefit you to have it done soon. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the unit isn’t running up the energy bill by working overtime, and even better, you’ll know it isn’t about to give out at any moment leaving you with no air in the middle of a heat wave. Our technicians at Guaranteed Service can perform a full tune-up to ensure all parts of your AC unit are working at maximum efficiency, and if anything in your unit needs to be repaired, they’ll let you know right then and there!

Have a Programmable Thermostat Installed

If you find yourself constantly messing with the thermostat and changing the temperature to make sure everyone’s comfortable, you should definitely have a smart thermostat installed. There are smart thermostat options that learn the exact temperature you prefer at any given time in the day and automatically adjust to it. This is extremely useful when looking to save money because you can program it for your specific needs. For example, if you’re not home during the day, there’s no need to be blasting the AC - but you don’t want it to be too warm when you get home, so the thermostat will get it back to the perfect temperature just before you pull in every day.

Close the Blinds

Letting the light in through your window can be such a beautiful and calming thing, especially in the summer. Waking up to natural light and the air conditioner running at the perfect temperature is extremely satisfying, but before leaving your home, we recommend that you try to remember to close the blinds. This little technique helps to insulate the windows, blocking out the sun’s radiant heat, and stopping the cold air inside from escaping.

You can also complement your traditional central air conditioning system with one or more ductless units. These units allow you to manage the air that flows to a specific room, so your AC doesn’t spend extra time and energy trying to cool rooms that aren’t in use. These units improve comfort and control, while also saving you tons of money.

It is extremely common for homeowners to just accept what they’ve known as “the cost of comfort”, but Guaranteed Service is here to remind you that little changes can make a vast difference. Give us a call today at (732) 412-1134 to have one of our highly experienced, licensed technicians come out and make sure your unit isn’t costing you more than it needs to.


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