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How to Know if the Water in Your Home is Too Hard

Do You Have Hard Water in Your Home?

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Does it seem like your water related appliances aren’t performing as well as they used to? This is an extremely common issue that plenty of us have seen and turned a blind eye to, but what most people don’t know is that hard water can have harmful effects not only on your appliances, but also on you and your loved ones. Below is a list of signs that you may be experiencing some of the many negative effects of hard water.

Unpleasant Taste and Smell

If your water doesn’t smell or taste entirely clean, it can mean that dirt has gotten into your pipes over time. Correct us if we’re wrong, but nobody wants to be washing their dishes and brushing their teeth with dirty water. Another issue many homeowners face is a slightly metallic taste in their water - This may be an indicator that there is too much iron. Regardless of what the smell or taste you’re experiencing is, you definitely should not ignore it.

Low Water Pressure

Whether it be after a long, hard day, or first thing in the morning to get you going, we all love the feeling of great water pressure in the shower. As the water pressure decreases, you may begin to wonder why it is happening and how to get it back to the way it used to be. Low water pressure is a huge indicator that mineral buildup is accumulating throughout your pipes. This happens when the hard water in your home doesn’t flow through a proper filtration system.

Extra Cleaning

If it feels like bleach is the only solution that really cleans your bathroom and kitchen appliances, that’s probably because you have hard water. The unfiltered particles in the water get built up on the walls of your shower, your sinks, and your toilets, leaving them with a layer of scum no matter how often or in-depth you clean them. It probably isn’t a solution you’ve thought of before, but a water softener will make it easier than ever to keep every inch of your home looking brand new.


Your washer, dishwasher, and hot water heater are also subject to the detriments of hard water in your home. Mineral buildup from hard water in the pipes of your appliances can cause valves to become clogged with sediment, and ultimately shorten the lifespan of each unit. Not only will a water softener increase the lifespan of your appliances, but it will also greatly reduce the energy costs you incur from using them. This is because the minerals tend to accumulate around the heating element in each unit, causing them to work much harder than needed to meet your demands.

A water softener may seem like a big investment at first glance, but there’s no denying that the benefits will both change and save your life. After all, if steel pipes and expensive appliances can’t withstand the particles in unfiltered water, imagine how the inside of your body handles it.

Allow our highly experienced, licensed plumbers at Guaranteed Service to test your water and diagnose exactly what’s going on within your home’s pipes. We will provide you with the best and safest solution not only for your home itself, but most importantly, for you and your family.


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