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3 Tips for Better Heating Efficiency

Achieve Better Heating Efficiency

Your heating system is one of the most expensive items to operate in your home; so naturally, homeowners are looking for ways to make heating less expensive without having to be uncomfortable.

Improving your heating efficiency is possible with any unit and can really make a difference in the lifespan of your system. Here are some practical ways you can improve your home’s heating efficiency.

1. Keep Up With Maintenance

Maintenance is key with a home furnace, as a neglected system won’t perform as well and will cost more to run. Make sure to change out your filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on use and when you notice it getting dirty. You’d be surprised how a clean filter can change the way your system works.

You should also keep up with professional maintenance, ensuring your system is tuned up by a licensed technician every year, ideally before winter begins. This will ensure your system is functioning properly and any issues are found before they turn into major problems. A system with malfunctioning parts won’t run efficiently.

2. Upgrade to a Newer Model

Many homeowners hold off on buying a new furnace until theirs is completely unable to perform. While this may seem like a way to save money, a new furnace could actually be the most cost-effective option. Newer furnaces can achieve over 90 percent efficiency, whereas older furnaces could be operating at much less. That difference in efficiency could amount to significant wasted energy, and therefore is costing you more than necessary.

3. Consider Energy-Efficient Options

If you want to explore changing how efficiently your heating system runs, you may want to switch to a heat pump, which is among the most efficient options available. Instead of creating heat by burning fuel, a heat pump moves warm air from outside to inside, warming your home. It also reverses during the summer, so it can also act as an air conditioner.

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