A sink drain with water circling over the top

3 Ways to Prevent a Drain Clog

Tips to Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

Drain clogs can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive issue for any home, so save yourself some headaches and money by taking important preventative measures.

Regular Cleanings

One way to stop your drains from clogging is to regularly clean the gunk and debris that accumulates in your sink stoppers, faucets, and drain covers.

To clean your drains, you can pour boiling water down them at least once a week. If this doesn't work for you, try pouring one cup of vinegar down the drain allowing it to sit for 30 minutes, then finishing with two quarts of boiling water.

Don't Throw Food Down Your Drain

Throwing food or food bi-product down your drain can cause significant blockages in your sink. Any form of grease, oil, fat, or food items can damage your kitchen sink's drain beyond repair.

While garbage disposals can break down and flush most foods for you, you should use them sparingly. It would be best if you only used the disposal around once a day.

Before throwing your dishes in the sink, you should scrape off plates, dispose of your leftovers in the garbage, and move any grease and grounds into disposable containers before throwing them out instead of sending them down your drain.

Check Stoppers for Hair and Buildup

Clogs are often started by a collection of hair, soap scum, and other debris that clings to your drain stopper. As you continue to use your sink, the water will eventually wash pieces of these disgusting residues down the drain, where it will start to form a clog.

To combat this sticky scum, you should pull your drain stoppers out of the sink and check them for buildup weekly. You should remove whatever debris you find by scrubbing your drain plug with a toothbrush and cleaning agent.

For All Your Drain Cleaning Needs, Contact Us

Sometimes, even with the best preventative measures, you may still experience a clog — and that’s where we come in.

For drain cleaning you can count on, contact the professionals at Guaranteed Service. Our drain cleaning pros work with all types of drains found around your home, and will prevent them from flooding and backing up due to blockages. Call (732) 412-1134 today for fast and reliable service.


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