A three-prong plug being inserted into a black surge protector

Do Whole Home Surge Protectors Really Work?

Is Your Home Protected?

In today’s society, we rely on electrical devices for almost everything. You’re probably connected to an electrical grid, which supplies electricity to your home and powers all these devices. Though you probably don’t think much about the energy that travels through your home, you should. If unprotected, an electrical surge can cause damage to your expensive appliances and electronic devices.

A whole-home surge protector is a simple upgrade that can help protect your home.

What are Surges?

Surges can come from multiple sources, and they may only last a short time but can leave a trail of damage in their wake. A surge is an overload of electrical power, often caused by downed power lines, surges caused by significant players in the grid (like a factory), or a lightning strike.

If left unimpeded, a surge can damage circuit boards, appliances, and devices plugged into outlets in your home. A strong enough power surge can render your appliances useless, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace them.

How to Protect Yourself

Surge protection is a way to mitigate damage from electrical surges. You may be familiar with surge protectors that can be installed as power strips or outlet extensions. The same concept is scaled up and applied to your home.

An electrician can install a surge protector that attaches to your electrical panel, so any electrical current that runs through your home is covered. As an additional precaution, use surge protector outlets throughout your home, which are not much more expensive than regular outlets or power strips. Whole-home surge protectors won’t stop 100 percent of surges, but they will protect appliances that aren’t plugged into conventional outlets.

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