2020 Goals List

New Years Resolutions That Will Lower Your Energy Bill

By making New Year’s resolutions, you stand a better chance of accomplishing your personal goals. If you’re looking to save more money in 2021, start with lowering your energy bill.

8 Ways to Save Energy in 2021

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your HVAC System

In order for your HVAC system to perform efficiently, it should be serviced twice a year: spring for your cooling system and winter for your heating unit. Routine maintenance can significantly reduce energy consumption and prevent breakdowns. Even if your unit seems to be in good shape, a professional inspection will help uncover any potential problems.

2. Change Air Filters Regularly

Changing the air filter is an important aspect of maintaining your HVAC system. When an air filter becomes dirty, your unit is forced to work harder. All that extra effort will be reflected in your energy bill. Aside from saving energy, a clean air filter also allows you to breathe easier by collecting allergens and other contaminants.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

When it comes to curbing your household’s power usage, a thermostat proves to be a very valuable tool. While no one enjoys walking around in a cold home, avoid setting the thermostat above 68 degrees. This will help prevent your HVAC system from consuming too much energy. Furthermore,research shows that slightly cooler temperatures can improve sleep quality.

4. Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for decoration. They can help your HVAC system distribute air throughout the home. During the summer months, your ceiling fans need to spin clockwise to create a cooling effect. Meanwhile, flipping a switch allows your fans to run clockwise in the winter. This forces warm air to blow down and out. Don’t worry about your ceiling fans consuming a lot of electricity. The average fan costs less than two dollars a month to run.

5. Seal Leaks

Leaks at windows and exterior doors not only diminish your comfort, but they also force your central heating system to replace the warm air. Inspect for leaks around doors and windows. Use weatherstripping and caulk to seal any gaps.

The attic is another place where your home can lose a tremendous amount of energy. Increasing insulation will help retain warm air inside while keeping cold air out.

6. Install a Water Softener

A water softener is a great investment for your home. After the installation of a water softener, you can look forward to saving more money in the long run. It will help extend the life of your plumbing system and help your water heater to operate more efficiently.

7. Stop Showering So Long

Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower? Unfortunately, spending too much time in the shower leads to higher energy bills. To save money, try to avoid showering for more than five minutes.

8. Allow Sunlight to Warm Your Home

When the weather starts to get cold, you can warm your home for free using the sun’s thermal energy. Simply keep the drapes open on your south-facing walls on sunny days.

If you need to schedule HVAC maintenance, be sure to contact Guaranteed Service at (732) 412-1134.


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