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Why Your Electrical Panel Isn’t Up to the Challenge

The electrical panel is your home’s nerve center, receiving and distributing energy to all of the circuits. The electrical panel also guards against power surges which can fry your expensive appliances and devices.

But like anything mechanical, the circuit breaker panel will eventually wear out, breakdown, or become outdated.

Here are four signs your electrical panel is due for replacement.

Electrical Panel is 20 Years Old or Older

Your home likely has more TVs, appliances and energy-hungry devices than it did 20 years ago. You can’t expect your decades-old circuit breaker panel to adequately power them all.

Find your panel’s total amperage printed on the main circuit breaker. It will likely say 100, 150 or 200 amps. That’s your home’s maximum electrical capacity. If the amperage is 100 or less, consider upgrading to a 200 amp panel. This will sufficiently power your current appliances while allowing for additional capacity for future needs.

You’re Installing a Major Appliance

Installing a luxury Sub-Zero refrigerator, a hot tub or other major appliances might necessitate a larger panel. Again, your home’s electrical capacity is limited to the size of the circuit breaker panel. Adding a modern could tax your existing panel, resulting in tripped breakers.

Breakers Frequently Trip

If the power frequently goes out in one part of your home -- the kitchen, say -- it’s likely that the circuit was overloaded. That means it was drawing more power than it could handle. When this happens, the circuit breaker cuts off the power to prevent an electrical fire.

Lights Flicker

Do the lights flicker when the AC kicks on? That’s because your central air system requires more power than what’s available. In a sense, it’s robbing your lights of electricity. This isn’t a huge concern unless the lights continue to flicker -- a clear sign that your home’s appliances need more energy than your panel can provide.

To keep your home’s electrical system in peak operating condition, turn to the pros at Guaranteed Service. To schedule your appointment, call(732) 412-1134.

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