Do I Need a Humidifier?

You don’t need us to tell you this: New Jersey winters are hard. In addition to plunging temperatures and the occasional Nor’easter, our frigid climate can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Dry winter air causes a host of health problems, including chapped lips, scratchy throat, itchy skin, irritated eyes and makes you more susceptible to airborne viruses.

A humidifier can help bring some relief, as well as protect your wood floors and furniture. (The lack of moisture in the air isn’t doing your home any favors.)

Here’s how you can benefit from a humidifier.

Softer Skin and Better Respiratory Health

In the winter, low humidity can irritate mucous membranes, which makes you more vulnerable to viruses. (Hello, flu.) A humidifier can help prevent illness by giving your nasal passages much-needed moisture -- specifically, the cilia. Cilia are the tiny hairs inside your nose that prevent bacteria and germs from entering your system. When they dry out, they can’t filter out particles as well.

Of course, the arid climate also dries out your skin and can cause excessive dandruff. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, and your body.

Moisten the Air and Lower Heating Bills

The humidity level in your home should be between 30 and 50 percent. (Unsure what the humidity level is? Buy a hygrometer. It’s like a thermometer, but for measuring humidity.) Adequate humidity also protects wood furnishings and floors from cracking. And your houseplants will appreciate the touch of moisture in the air.

Humidity can make a room feel warmer than it is, so you can turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees, helping you save money.

Different Types of Humidifiers

When it comes to humidifiers, you have a couple of options: a plug-in appliance or a whole-house humidifier.

Plug-in humidifiers are intended for a single space. You can find different models at any hardware store.

Whole-house humidifiers work in conjunction with your central air system to deliver trace amounts of water vapor evenly throughout the entire home.

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