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Furnace Not Working? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

You’d be surprised at the number of calls we’ve responded to that were quickly resolved by a little troubleshooting that the homeowner could’ve easily handled.

The next time your furnace is on the fritz, try these tips first.

3 Furnace Problems You Might Be Able To Fix Yourself

Weak Airflow From Furnace

Change the filter: A clogged air filter is one of several things that can compromise your furnace's airflow.

  • Locate your filter - Depending on the furnace model, the filter is either inside the unit or it’s on the intake side, which looks like a grate on the wall or the floor.

  • Inspect it - Hold the filter up to a light. If you can’t see any light through the screen, it’s due for a replacement.

  • Replace it - Pay careful attention to the arrows on the filter. These indicate whether the filter should be installed face up or face down.

Furnace isn’t Producing Heat

Check the thermostat: Like all electronic devices, thermostats occasionally glitch.

  • Check the mode - It could be that someone accidentally bumped it to cooling mode. Be sure it’s set on heat and try adjusting the temperature up a few degrees to see if the furnace kicks on.

  • Check the battery - If the display screen is blank, try changing the batteries.

  • Check the connections - Does anything appear loose? Any frayed or cracked wires?

  • Open the panel - Blow out any dust or debris.

Furnace is Completely Down

Check your breakers: If the furnace isn’t responding to thermostat controls, your circuit breakers may have tripped.

  • Test the breakers: At the breaker panel, find the switch that controls the HVAC system. See if it was thrown to the off position. Flip it back on.

If none of these tips work, then your furnace has a more complicated problem that requires a professional repair. Turn to the Brick Township furnace repair experts at Guaranteed Service. To schedule your appointment, call at (732) 412-1134.


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