When to Have Your Water Tested

The water in the glass may look clear, but a closer inspection could reveal a variety of chemicals and toxins that would make you think twice before taking another sip. The Environmental Working Group maintains a list of New Jersey utilities that provide water with concentrations of contaminants above health guidelines.

The quality of your drinking water is nothing to take lightly. To be on the safe side, have your water tested, especially under the following circumstances:

You’re Expecting a Baby

Babies have weaker immune systems and don’t have the same ability to remove toxins from their bodies as adults. If you plan to have a baby, or are nursing, test your water to make sure it’s safe.

Your Water Has a Foul Odor, Tastes Strange

A water treatment facility’s top priority is to ensure your water is free of waterborne viruses. They generally do a good job of controlling how your water tastes and smell, but sometimes their efforts fall short. If you have private well, it’s possible that your water supply was compromised somehow. Either way, if your water smells “off,” have it tested.

What to Test For

  • Chlorine: If your water has a strong bleach smell, that’s likely due to excess levels of chlorine. Chlorine kills viruses and bacteria, but some treatment facilities overdo it.
  • Hydrogen sulfide: Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas and is often the cause of that “rotten egg” smell. It’s more common in private wells.
  • Excess bacteria: If your water smells like sewage, this could be due to a damaged well or a problem with your city water pipes. High concentrations of bacteria are a major health threat, so notify your local health department right away for testing.
  • Metals: Excess metal in your water, such as iron or low pH, can make your water taste bitter. High concentrations of metals will also result in rust stains around your drains and fixtures.
  • Tannins: Does your water have a tart aftertest? Tannins could be the culprit. Tannins are organic matter commonly found in private wells.

Gas Leak in Your Area

Keep your eye on the news to learn about possible gas leaks in your area. When a gas or chemical leak happens, the toxic gases can make their way into your local water supply. Have an expert test your water to make sure it does not contain gases or chemicals.

Test and Protect Your Water

In addition to having your water periodically tested, install a whole-house water filter. This system filters out contaminants at the source so that every fixture in your home delivers the same high-quality water.

If your water quality is in question, turn to the experts at Guaranteed Service. We can test your water and recommend the best solutions to ensure safe, clean drinking water. Contact us today at F:P:Sub:Phone} to learn more.


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