Why You Should Invest in Regular Tune-Ups

Tune-ups might seem like an unnecessary expense and a waste of time right now, but in the long run, they will be incredibly beneficial to your HVAC system.

What Does a Tune-Up Include?

When we come out to perform a tuneup on your HVAC unit, we will make sure that all of its parts are thoroughly inspected. The tune-up will include:

  • Infrared camera inspection of furnace and heat exchanger

  • Test ignition system and exhaust system for safe & proper venting

  • Test safety & control circuits for proper operation

  • Inspect blower motor bearings and capacitor for wear

  • Inspect for combustible material around the furnace

  • Test furnace flame

  • Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency

  • Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring

  • Check for proper combustion air

  • Test for gas leaks

  • Inspect inducer assembly for operation and leaks

Everything that is included in the tune-up will improve the efficiency of your system while also ensuring that it is working safely. The only worse than your heater going out in the middle of winter would be if it caused a safety hazard for you and your family.

How a Tune-Up Can Help You

When the average winter temperature is around 40 degrees, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is your heating system not working. Luckily, proactive HVAC tune-ups can help you prevent a complete system blow out. A tune-up can also help to uncover some issues with your system so that you can fix them before the temperatures begin to drop.

At Guaranteed Service, we service and provide tune-ups for all types of heating systems including gas furnaces, heat pumps, and gas boilers. No matter which system you have or how old your unit is, give us a call, and we will come out to make sure your system is up and running for the winter ahead of us.

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