How To Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

As temperatures continue to rise, your energy bill shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, these summer AC tips can help you stay away from breaking the bank and breaking a sweat.

Have An HVAC Professional Tune Up your Heating & Cooling Systems:

Have a contractor do annual pre-season check-ups on your heating and cooling system in the spring and fall to keep your system at peak performance and prevent future problems.

Consider Replacing Your HVAC System:

If your HVAC equipment is more than 10 years old or not keeping your house comfortable, consider replacement with more efficient units, saving you money and keeping your family comfortable all year long.

Change Your Filters:

Check your air filter every month, especially during heavy use months. If the filter looks dirty, change it. At a minimum, change the filter every 3 months. A dirty filter slows down air flow and makes your system work harder to keep you comfortable.

Programmable Thermostats:

Program your thermostat to save energy when you aren’t home or while your family is sleeping. When used properly, a programmable thermostat can help you save energy when you're asleep or away from home. Use the thermostat's pre-programmed energy-saving setpoints as a guide, setting the temperature back in the winter and up in the summer. Use the vacation setting to maintain energy-saving temperatures when you are gone for several days.

*With proper use, programmable thermostats can save up to $180 in energy costs.

*The average homeowner spends about $2000 a year on utilities, nearly half goes to heating and cooling.

Find and Seal Leaks in your Duct System:

Have an HVAC professional look for holes, tears and other signs of leaking ducts. These can be sealed using mastic or metal tape. You can have all accessible duct work insulated to save energy. Cleaning and sealing ducts can improve the efficiency of your system as much as 20%.

Caulk & Weather-Strip around Doors & Windows:

When replacing doors and/or windows, look for EnergyStar rated products. Close shade and blinds after the sun goes down to help improve insulation and prevent heating and cooling loss.

*Homeowners usually save about $200 a year in utility costs by air sealing and insulating their home.

There are many more ways to keep your home cool without busting your budget. Let us know if any of these tips work for you and your home! If you have any AC issues that require service, contact us at Guaranteed Service today!


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