Reducing Humidity In Your Home

If you have ever had a high level of humidity in your home, then you know how uncomfortable that can be. When the humidity level increases, it causes the air to become sticky and muggy. This will not only cause an uncomfortable feeling, but it can also cause problems in your home. For example, high humidity can cause bacteria and mold to grow in your home. Mold and bacteria need one main ingredient to thrive, and that ingredient is moisture. Having a home with high humidity provides mold and bacteria with precisely what they need to survive. Follow these tips in order to help reduce the humidity in your home.

Shorten Your Shower Time

A simple reduction in the amount of time you spend in the shower can help reduce the moisture in your home. When you take long, hot showers the hot water produces a lot of steam. This steam can hang around on walls and other surfaces in your home. By taking shorter showers, you can reduce the amount of steam that is produced and thus decrease the humidity.

Proper Ventilation

An improperly ventilated home can cause an increase in the level of humidity. You could invest in a ventilator to help reduce the moisture in your home. And, if you already have a ventilator in your home, then you should make sure that it is functioning correctly.

Reduce The Number Of Plants

Having plants in your home can lead to an increase in the levels of humidity. Plants need a lot of moisture to survive. The soil of plants needs to be kept moist all the time. The moist soil that your plants are in can increase the production of bacteria and mold in your home. You do not have to remove all of your plants to decrease the humidity in your home, but keeping them to a minimum will help.

Dry Clothes Outside

When you use your dryer to dry your clothes, it produces water vapor. This is especially true if your dryer is not properly ventilated. By hanging your wet clothes on a clothesline to dry, you can decrease the amount of water vapor produced in your home.

Buy A Dehumidifier

Buying a dehumidifier for your home is probably the easiest way to reduce humidity. A dehumidifier gradually takes the moisture out of the air in your home. There is a tank in which this water accumulates. Once it is full, you simply remove the tank and pour out the water.

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