What You Might Not Know About the Most Common Indoor Air Quality Pollutants in Manalapan, NJ

What You Might Not Know About the Most Common Indoor Air Quality Pollutants in Manalapan, NJ

Air quality has many people concerned. The news is full of warnings about the quality of our air outside the home, and the government even spends money via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to advise us of daily air quality conditions. Today’s AQI (Air Quality Index) for Manalapan, NJ is listed as “Moderate” with a rating of 73 on a scale of 0-500. It comes with the warning: “Sensitive people: Reduce long or intense outdoor activities. If you experience coughing or shortness of breath, take it easier.”

Unfortunately, we often live with indoor air quality that is worse than the air outdoors. Do you know what your home’s indoor air quality conditions are today? Most people are completely unaware of how poor air quality at home and work can compromise their health and quality of life. This is particularly true for senior citizens, children, and individuals who have asthma or allergies.

Common Pollutants in Your Home

Here are a few common indoor air pollutants that we all need to learn more about:

  1. Air fresheners. Air fresheners might seem harmless, but almost all air fresheners release toxic chemicals. These noxious chemicals can make asthma and other respiratory problems much worse.
  2. Furniture and printers. Other common household items can contribute to poor indoor air quality in Manalapan homes. These include ink jet printers and furniture. In fact, the toxic chemicals used to make the flame retardant treatments applied to furniture before 2006 are known carcinogens (which cause cancer).
  3. Candles. Many people enjoy burning candles. Candles add ambiance and beauty to your home. They can also release toxic chemicals into the air your family breathes. If you do use candles, make sure they are either beeswax or soy based, and that only essential oils are used to scent the candle.
  4. The family pet. Unfortunately, the family dog, cat, or other indoor pet produces its own variety of pollutants. Pet dander, composed of tiny particles of skin, fur, saliva, and even urine, can spread quickly through your home. Remarkably, over-bathing your pet is a big contributor to drying out your pet’s skin and creating more pollutants. Brushing them outside will help remove dead skin cells and excess hair so you’ll have fewer to breathe inside your home.

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